Ever wanted to see the process of making a trading card? Louisville Slugger got behind the scenes at Topps to show off how a card is made from idea to openin.

Once the sheets are printed then they are run through a cutting machine that cuts the sheets lengthwise and then runs down a track and cut. Not included in this list are companies that simply resell products of other companies, although many of.

We would need to repeat this process for the remaining card designs and rarities.


Minimum runs start at $650. . Whether it is to showcase your characters or provide prizes for giveaways, you are promoting you’re the brand of your company.


Topps was the first trading card company to utilize this dynamic printing process. Short Print (SP) – A card that has a lower print run than other cards in the set. You can also add UV-coating protective gloss to ensure that the trading card will stand up to years of use.

Peach State Sports also represents and sells supplies for Ultra Pro. Nations Photo Lab offers you the option to choose color adjustments to ensure that the photo perfectly matches the template you chose.



Jun 16, 2012 · Artist trading cards are tiny works of art that measure 2. Card Specifications.

The Trading Card Production Line: A Panini America World Premiere Video. .

Have your cards printed on 14pt.
Rare: 55 x 500 x 10 = 275,000.


There are 55 cards to a press sheet.

It's easiest to separate the cardstock into 4 quadrants by making 1 vertical cut and 1 horizontal cut first. There are 55 cards to a press sheet. .

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Turnaround Times: approx 14 business days. It’s that easy!.

How to set up trading cards for Richmond Pro Lab.

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Although trading cards remained in vogue from the early 20th century to the ’80s, the product really took off in the ’90s.

From a limited-edition set created by Larry Wood and hobbyDB, the cards showcase some never-before-seen Hot Wheels designs that didn't make it to production.

" After that, navigate back to the card set progress window (you can use the back arrows), and choose your next set of cards to.