A map made for Star Trek Fleet Command by Scopely.

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1. Make a copy of this list and tick off tasks as you complete them!.

After getting access to Dark Space in level 38, the next big step is, you’ve probably guessed by now, level 39.

If you play stfc, you should have discord.

. LCARS on Discord has the best collection of data on the game. Anybody know about this mission? It unlocks the path to the level 20 system Mordus.

Nov 11, 2022 · Mission Reward for Fading Obscurities.

. Level 39, the Jack Benny League. Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) STFC’s mission is to deliver world-leading national and international research and innovation capabilities and, through those, discover the secrets of the Universe.

The page. They all take place in the player's starter system, cannot be failed, must be completed in succession, and are on rails aside from the last one.

Syndicated Science.

Described as a PvP "free-roaming multiplayer Star Trek experience combining role-playing game style progression and real-time battles with enemy ships", the game is published by Scopely, who developed the game with Digit Game Studios and in.

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The largest Star Trek Fleet Command (STFC) information site, featuring information on ships, officers, systems, hostiles, research and more. .

You need to be able to travel to deep space to be able to collect further missions; which is warp 60+.
Star Trek Fleet Command Blueprint Calculator (Updated) Star Trek Fleet Command Ship Guide.

Distant Memories.

Borg Arc 4 Neutral Missions.

Our major research and innovation campuses at Harwell, Daresbury and research facilities across the UK and overseas. . .

To unlock the Dark Space area, you have to be moderately progressed into the game. If you play stfc, you should have discord. . (Not Level 42,