Mar 20, 2023 · The FDR-AX700 uses XAVC S for both 4K and HD recording, with 100 Mbps for 4K, and 50 Mbps for 1080p.

Trail cameras allow you to view wildlife without having to spend hours in the woods (or on your back porch) waiting for elusive critters to appear.

Mar 1, 2016 · Wild 4K UHD (2014) 4K Blu-ray and 4K Movies. And Stephen’s thoughts on Makoto Shinkai’s animated Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011) on Blu-ray from GKids via Shout!.

La bella ragazza Rose Wild compra un televisore enorme ma non può pagarlo 9 min.


. 4K UHD Review: Wild Things. .

May 24, 2023 · Tim’s look at John McNaughton’s Wild Things (1998) in 4K Ultra HD from Arrow Video.

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Wild Things was, at the time, considered very risqué. Simon Crust.

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For more about Wild and the Wild Blu-ray release, see Wild Blu-ray Review published by Jeffrey Kauffman on April 1,.


John McNaughton's lewd and delicious Wild Things comes to 4K UHD looking hot and will no doubt wear your pause button out.

. . Wild Things, from director John McNaughton, is difficult to define in terms of narrative; it meanders between genres with an overarching attitude of frivolity but lurking beneath is a dark sexual noir.

#1. . . Presented in new 4K restorations of its original theatrical version and extended ‘Unrated Edition’, Wild Things is a classic piece of sexy late-90s neo-noir from director John McNaughton and writer Stephen Peters, whose serpentine plotting will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end credits roll. .


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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wild [4K UHD] [Blu-ray] [2016] [NTSC] at Amazon.

Mar 31, 2015 · Description.

Tim’s review of Francesco Barilli’s Hotel Fear (1979) on Blu-ray from Mono Macabro.

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