Move the cursor ready to place the second vertex.

Your drill drawing should also have an outline of the board in order to document the board dimensions.

Let us see the steps involved in designing a castellated board with a finished hole of 0. goengineer.



Feb 18, 2020 · Mechanical 1 is a good choice since it is often used by Gerber export as the board outline layer. Or, the drill may vibrate or wiggle slightly in a hole, causing a slightly larger hole. Free!!! $5 Registration Link: https://www.

The design tools from Altium Designer are particularly well suited for this task and have a lot of options and features to help you.

029 inches, which is the smallest hole allowable on the board. This page details the PCB Standard Dimension object - which places dimensioning information on the current PCB layer. The following individual values are definable: Minimum - the minimum permissible value for the via hole size.

The IPC-7351 standard specifies some important dimensions for creating a PCB land pattern for a SOIC footprint; these are the pad width (X), pad spacing (G), and end-to-end pad dimension (Z). Set the View mode to 2D Layout Mode (Viewmenu).


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A Board Region is the term used to describe a user-defined area of the board that can have a unique layer stack assigned to it. 3 The PCB coordinate system.

. 54 mm, and a pad diameter of 1.

Been testing out Circuitmaker for a few days now.
Altium Designer Tutorial: Define Board Shape and Size in detail.



Move the cursor ready to place the second vertex. . .

Altium Designer » Board cutout vs slot. Ready to give CircuitStudio a try? Click here to get started: htt. Using PCB Board Wizard with the following setting 530 mm x 1470 mm: Will create an 530 mm x 1470 mm sized board. In this tutorial we'll show you how to set your PCB board size perfectly in Altium Designer. May 24, 2023 · To get started, you first need to select a routing tool radius and use this to set the corner radius of your cavity outline. Covers availability and placement, as well as graphical and non-graphical editing.

The value will appear as an absolute value (Default = 1mil) or percentage of the pad/via size (Default = 20%), depending on the measurement method selected.

It's easier if. Switch to a suitable grid (e.

It's probably still a good practice to add a keep-out around the perimeter of the board.

54 mm, and a pad diameter of 1.


This video covers the different dimensioning types in CircuitStudio and how to access them.